““My home office was set up over 10 years ago for a totally different business. I realized in January that it just was not working for me anymore. I knew it was time to call in Betty. Her experience, knowledge and innate ability to know how to energetically put a room together was obvious. In just a short matter of time my office was totally transformed using what was already there. Everyone who walks into my office immediately notices a positive change. The energy in my office is now uplifting and supporting of the work I do now. Thank you Betty!””

Linda Minnick, Personal Development Coach

“Betty has such great practical advice on how to transform your environment into a space that supports and encourages you. She turned my office from dull to dynamic by giving me ideas for both my creativity and fame/reputation walls. Now everytime I walk into my office I’m inspired!”

Nanette Littlestone
Editor/Writing Coach/Author 

“My personal and physical life has transformed due to Betty’s assistance. I contacted Betty because I was always happy outside of my condo but dreaded coming home, and used it mainly to sleep and get ready to leave. Betty saw what needed to change in my space. Since implementing her advice, my home and my heart sing, loud and proud! The home evaluation by Betty is one of the best gifts I’ve given myself.”

Anita Youngblood
Massage Therapist 

Dear Betty,Ann Hallewell livingroom

I just wanted to say a heartfelt ‘Thank You!’ for all of your help with my new office space. Thank you so much for making the time to come by and visit last week to see how the final results looked. Everybody that I have seen in the office has connected well, and loved the peace and tranquility of the room.
Ann Hallewell
Certified Natural Health Professional





  1. Before
  2. After

Click the photo to see what the office looked like Before!

“Betty, I am so happy with my new office! Thank you for your advice and support as we worked together to transform my office from a boring, cluttered mess to a warm, energizing place that I love to work in. It is amazing how different I feel in this space!”
Leigh Ann Rodgers, M.Ed.
Business Coach & Trainer
Creative Business Development

“My husband and I primarily concentrated on clearing and rearranging areas that had to do with our relationship and our wealth/career areas. Ironically, in almost every room these areas suffered from neglect, clutter and stale energy. Since we’ve made the changes, we’ve been much happier in our relationship. We laugh everyday. I feel like we’re enjoying a second honeymoon despite some of the significant challenges we’ve faced. As for both of our careers, we’ve gotten new projects and new clients. And I just got the most incredible feedback ever with someone I greatly respect in the business calling my work a masterpiece. The print run on My Orange Duffel Bag was increased to 75,000 copies, which is enormous for a first printing of a book. With the Foundation, we’ve been getting wonderful opportunities to move our cause forward, and the donations that will allow us to increase our reach are starting to flow.

When our son Connor came home from college, he noticed the energy shift in the house immediately. He said our house felt joyous again like it did when he was a little boy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Echo Montgomery Garrett

  1. Before
  2. After

Click the photo to see what the office looked like Before!

Betty Fowler helped me with the design and colors for my office during my recent office makeover. With Betty’s interior redesign and Feng Shui expertise, I was able to create an office that was transformed from just a room to do work in, to an office that I love to be in at any time.
I would highly recommend setting up a consultation to transform any rooms you feel are “the same old thing” to ones that are exciting to be in.
Rosanne Larkins, Owner
Defining Time & Space Professional Organizing