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  • Winding Down 2013 & Gearing Up for 2014

      As we finish up the last few days of 2013, what is the perfect time to prepare for the active energy of 2014! January 2014 will be an extremely rare energy month – and in a Very Good way!  We will have two New Moons, and each one is on a New Year celebration […]

  • Celebrating Life During the Holidays, After Loss

    November is the beginning of the holiday season when we make more of an effort to be with family and friends. We reminisce about past family gatherings, and even joke about events that didn’t seem so funny back when they happened.  New memories are made while old ones are shared with the next generation. Traditions […]

  • Fall Cleaning And A Lesson From My Dyson

    It’s the first week of October and time for my Fall Cleaning ritual.  As we head into the mostly yin (colder, darker, cocooning, inward energy) part of the year (Fall and Winter), I find that giving our home a good dose of yang (brighter, active, expanding) energy gets me better prepared to face less daylight […]

  • A Feng Shui’d College Bedroom

    Two weeks ago, our daughter, Kim, returned to college to begin her junior year.  She was excited to get back, and enjoy the experience of sharing her campus apartment with three new roommates.  Although her apartment looks identical to the one she had last year, it does have different energy.  It is in the same […]

  • Feng Shui and Your Vehicle Part II

    Color Does Matter!   I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but here, in the United States, we tend to identify strongly with the vehicles we drive.  They have become an extension of our own personalities,or personalities we wish to show others.  The color of your vehicle does have an impact on the […]