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  • Welcoming in the Year of The Fire Monkey

    Month one of 2016 is over. So, how are your New Year’s resolutions going? Whether you’ve committed to eating healthier, losing weight or getting organized, are you still motivated or have you lost your inspiration? If you’re off track with your well-intentioned plans already, no worries! You officially have a resolution reboot when The Year of […]

  • Happy New Year – Happy New Ewe!

    We are already at the end of January 2015, but it feels like just a week ago we were celebrating New Year’s Eve.  Now we are on the verge of celebrating another new year milestone. The Chinese New Year celebration begins February 19th, which welcomes in The Year of The Wood Sheep.   The yin energy of […]

  • Spark Your Creativity

    Isn’t it amazing how feelings from our childhood can have such an impact on our lives as adults? I still remember the hurt I felt in 4th grade, when a visiting art teacher told me that I didn’t draw very well. To give this woman the benefit of the doubt, she may not have said […]

  • Releasing Guilt From Your Home

    While enjoying his morning coffee recently, my husband was channel surfing on TV,  moving through repetitive news reports, shopping channels and infomercials.  He paused shortly on a hoarding program.  I was half-listening but what I heard, during the snippet of the conversation between the professional consultant and homeowner, made my hair stand on end. Here […]

  • Welcoming The Year of The Wood Horse!

    The upcoming Chinese New Year begins January 31, 2014.  This traditional 15-day celebration welcomes in the new energy for the coming year – and this year promises to be a very different energy from the last few.   We are entering The Year of the Wood Horse.  The horse represents the Fire element and symbolizes […]