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  • 2018 – The Chinese Year of The Yang Earth Dog

    It has been obvious that the past two years have been intense with fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes, not to mention unexpected shifts in political climates around the world. No wonder! 2016 & 2017 have been Fire energy years bringing in lots of passion and often chaotic activity. Both years have been emotionally demanding for so […]

  • Mindful Spring Cleaning

    Spring has arrived!  I always look forward to this time of year to bring fresh energy into my home and life! It is time for some Mindful Spring Cleaning! Here in GA, we experienced a warmer than usual Winter and daytime temperatures are already in the 60’s & 70s. Last weekend I spent time in our […]

  • Improving The Air Quality In Your Home

    There are benefits to having a well insulated and air tight home. One benefit is sound insulation from outdoor noises.  Another is keeping heating and air conditioning costs down. It doesn’t seem that there could be much of a downside but, unfortunately, there is a big one – toxic air! The American College of Asthma, […]

  • Spring Cleaning Time is Here!

    Spring has arrived! Can you see and feel the energy shift?  Yes, some of us in the Northern hemisphere are getting some last minute Winter weather hits, but temperatures have been warming up, trees are budding and bulbs are popping out. It is Spring! Have you started your Spring cleaning yet?  As mentioned in my last […]