It has been obvious that the past two years have been intense with fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes, not to mention unexpected shifts in political climates around the world. No wonder! 2016 & 2017 have been Fire energy years bringing in lots of passion and often chaotic activity. Both years have been emotionally demanding for so many. Big changes are happening, and very quickly too. We are experiencing new energy that doesn’t fit into the old energy model from generations before. And that really is a good thing!

The Universe is pushing us into becoming more conscious about how we live. Intolerable situations are coming to light so things can change for the better. Many people, who have been holding their tongues so as not to rock the boat, are finally speaking out. Strong energy shifts often wreak havoc on our emotional and physical well-being, causing fear and dis-ease.  During these times of drastic change, there is a need for us to find peace and calm. I have found myself craving a more simplified lifestyle as well. Mother Earth is balancing herself out, and we need to as well.

The Chinese Year of the Yang Earth Dog is just around the corner – beginning February 16th.

In the Chinese Five Elements theory, Earth energy slows down the intense Fire activity, thankfully.  However, having it still being a yang (masculine) year, we can expect a lot of continued changes, just maybe not as chaotic emotionally and physically – that is, if we stay grounded.  This is a wonderful time for the energy of the Earth Dog to come in.

The Earth element is inherently a feminine (yin) energy (think Mother Earth). It is an energy of compassion, support, and being grounded and calm – when it is in balance. When the Earth element is out of balance however, it can be intense (think of an angry mother bear protecting her own). With so much yang energy flying around these past couple of years, is it any wonder why most of us feel something needs to be done to bring everything back into harmony?

The dog’s amazing gifts are loyalty and unconditional love – yin traits as well. The Earth Dog is an extraordinary leader – diplomatic, compassionate and courageous, both in good and bad situations. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see all political leaders display these traits this year!

It will be very important for all of us to stay grounded by taking care of ourselves, both physically and emotionally. We need to be more conscious of how we treat each other, Mother Earth and other creatures. A new energy is in the world now, and it is time we become mindful and intentional about everything we do and say. What we focus on will manifest faster, whether it is positive or negative thoughts filling our heads. We are all being prodded to clear out the muck in our lives in order to have a clear and positive focus on the future. Upsetting or chaotic external situations affect our internal energy, and internal conflict and upset affects the external energy surrounding us. Everything is connected.

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”                                                                                                                                                                 – Hermes Trismegistus

What muck are you needing to clear out of your life right now?  Listen to your intuition (that gut feeling) and FOLLOW its advice! I believe most of us have been functioning by default and reacting, rather than consciously responding, to life situations. We have accumulated emotional baggage that weighs us down, unwanted relationships that hold us in fear and uncertainty, and a lot of physical items that stagnate the energy around us. These situations have caused many of us to stuff stressful emotions inside and become dis-eased. It is finally time to turn the energies around and live with intention and purpose. It is time to clear the muck!

Where to start?  Anywhere!  The important thing is to just start.  Pick an area or room in your home that you avoid going into or looking at.  Be still, listen to your gut and find out what particular items in this area that makes you feel that way.  It could be a pile of books or magazines piled up in a corner, a piece (or pieces) of furniture stored there since downsizing a family residence, unfinished laundry, no longer used exercise equipment, or even just trash. Clear things out! This will give you some breathing room to go on to another space, or area, of your life.

Are there toxic relationships you know you need to let go of, both personally and professionally?  Is there so much stuff saved on your smart phone/tablet/laptop/computer that is no longer useful to you; unused apps, old emails, contacts you don’t want to be in contact with anymore, unread downloaded articles, outdated business files? Clear things out! It is a wonderful feeling to have unnecessary stuff released from your energy field.

Baby steps can lead to giant leaps. I love to tell people to start by releasing 27 things out of your environment (nine is a magic number signifying completion). These items can be as small as a paper clip or as large as a piece of furniture, or even a negative person. This will shift your momentum and inspire you to continue releasing and clearing. I have personally started with cleaning off the side table in our living room, which expanded into vacuuming the entire house immediately afterwards. Energy shifts can happen quickly!

As we head into 2018, I hope you find ways to create more peace, happiness and harmony in your life.

Here’s to a Fabulous Year of The Earth Dog!



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