Blooming azaleas signal Springtime here in Georgia.

Blooming azaleas signal Springtime here in Georgia.

Spring has arrived!

Can you see and feel the energy shift?  Yes, some of us in the Northern hemisphere are getting some last minute Winter weather hits, but temperatures have been warming up, trees are budding and bulbs are popping out. It is Spring!

Have you started your Spring cleaning yet?  As mentioned in my last post , I get going right before the Chinese New Year and I’ve been on a roll ever since. Everything about Spring references new life, fresh starts and growth.

Spring cleaning breaks up the slow yin energy of the Winter months and gives us the opportunity to welcome in the new invigorating yang energy.

Of course, there are the standard cleaning activities for Spring such as dusting, vacuuming, window washing, outside sweeping and changing out cold weather bedding and decor for lighter and brighter items, but removing what you no longer love or use from your physical spaces can shift stagnant energy just as quickly.  De-cluttering should be first on any Spring cleaning to-do list.

The main areas that have the largest impact on your health and vitality (and the best areas to begin your cleaning) are the front entrance, the bedroom & bath, and the kitchen.  


The front entrance is where the outside world connects with you (yes, even if you don’t use the front door regularly).  This is also where you receive nature’s energy into your home. The best way to see your entrance through the eyes of the outside world is to actually walk up to your front door from the street.

How is your front entrance feeling right now?  Is it friendly and welcoming with healthy plants, an uncluttered walkway, a clean Welcome mat, a well maintained door and working doorbell? Or is it sad or grumpy because of the dead bugs and cobwebs, dead flowers and plants, a worn out mat, and a landing filled with empty pots and dirty shoes?

It doesn’t take a lot of money to make your front entrance inviting.  It’s about cleaning up and removing what isn’t creating that positive feeling. Clean and clear wins every time! If you want to add an extra energetic punch, buy a colorful new WELCOME mat, or add a healthy flowering plant near the door and you are good to go.

Interior of comfortable hotel room

The bedroom and bath are next on the list.  These two rooms support you during your most vulnerable times, so it is important to keep them clean and organized. Refreshing these spaces when Spring arrives will bring a renewed energy to your mornings and offer more peace and calm to your evenings.




Does anything need to be repaired, replaced or removed in order to bring fresh, uplifting energy into your life? Everything in your bedroom and bath should feel as if it is giving you a big hug every morning when you start your day.



There is one more room to focus on with your Spring cleaning. The kitchen is extremely important in Feng Shui. It conveys the prosperity and health of the home’s occupants.  Throughout time, having plenty of food to eat and to share have been signs of true wealth. In addition, the kitchen has long been recognized as the heart of a home – the central gathering spot for family and friends.

If you surveyed your kitchen right now, would it receive the high praise it deserves?  Are the countertops clean and uncluttered, appliances in good working order and the food storage areas clean and well-stocked?

Santa Rosa House 078

Spring is the perfect time to re-evaluate every kitchen utensil, pot, pan, glass, dish, decor item, gadget and appliance you have and answer these questions:

1) Do I enjoy having it in my kitchen?

2) Do I use it regularly?

3) Do I need it?

4) Do I have a specific place to store it?

5) Is it in good, working condition?

Consciously evaluate each item and decide if it’s worth keeping in your kitchen, or if it’s time to bless it and let it go, or repair it and use it.

On a personal note, our family has gone through a multitude of changes since moving to Georgia in 2004. In the beginning, we had large family gatherings at our home for Easter, birthdays and graduations.  Now, because family members have moved away or passed, we have chosen to celebrate more intimately and the need for a large stash of serving dishes, flatware, glasses, table linens and decorations has diminished.

We donated what no longer worked for our family, passing things along so someone else could use and appreciate. We kept the energy recirculating and gave ourselves the blessing of living with less stuff and more room to breathe. I’m quite sure the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries were happy to see us drive up with my van filled with so many items still in very good condition. It was a win-win situation!

So, are you ready to jump into the fresh, new, inspiring energy of Spring? I’m sure your home is just waiting for the opportunity too, and so is your favorite donation site!

Blessings, Betty


















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