Month one of 2016 is over. So, how are your New Year’s resolutions going? Whether you’ve committed to eating healthier, losing weight or getting organized, are you still motivated or have you lost your inspiration?

If you’re off track with your well-intentioned plans already, no worries! You officially have a resolution reboot when The Year of the Fire Monkey begins on February 8th!

Although January 1st marks the beginning of the new year calendar in our Western society, the Chinese culture coincides theirs with the natural energetic beginning of each year.  The celebrating begins on the second new moon after the Winter Solstice (which is why the date changes every year) and continues for 14 days.

Whichever you choose to celebrate, new years and new beginnings are all about cleaning up and clearing out old stuff and preparing to accept new, fresh and abundant opportunities.  I personally love to celebrate both because it gives me double the opportunity to start fresh.

What can we expect in the Year of the Fire Monkey?  The Fire element is about passion and intensity, so look for the energy this year to be very active. 2016 will be a strong year for women to accomplish what they want in the areas of finance, business, and love, so get out there and collaborate, cooperate and network with each other! Accidents may occur more readily, so pay more attention than usual when you are driving, exercising or working around the house.  Being on automatic pilot is not the way to do things this year.

The monkey reminds us to incorporate joy and play into our lives, even if things don’t always go as planned.  Sometimes you just need to let go and have some fun!  It’s a yin-yang thing.

The past two years (both Wood years) were very intense for me as it was for many others. I had a few unexpected changes –  a home move, the passing of a brother and brother-in-law, the loss of a longtime family pet, and a significant decrease in the time spent working on my business.  Wood energy is all about change and growth, and that proved to be so true in my life. The changes that occurred in 2014 and 2015 pushed me to make more conscious decisions about where I truly want to focus my energy. I am looking forward to having a joyful year in 2016, focusing on my health, and being more present in my business. I also plan on playing more and worrying less.

It goes without saying that doing a good cleaning of your home is extremely important for a fresh start in any new year. If I can offer you only one additional suggestion to start off the Year of The Fire Monkey, it would be to try an old Feng Shui tip for shifting energy quickly:

Move (or remove) at least 27 items in your environment.  

I prefer to remove rather than just move items when preparing for the new year, since my focus is on reducing clutter during this time.  My plan is to do a 27 item release every week in 2016. Not all items will be big ones. They may be as small as a piece of paper or even a dried up ballpoint pen. The important thing is that the old and unused is being released to make way for the new and useful, and I always seem to find things to let go of as my energy is uplifted.

I hope you will give this suggestion a try. It is a less painful way to start your cleaning and clearing out and you might even make it a regular part of your housekeeping routine. If you are staring at a lot of “27 items”, especially in paperwork or emails, don’t be disheartened. The more clutter you release, the more stagnant energy is released. Perhaps a daily 27 is the way to go for awhile. Consistency and the inspiration to live in a harmonious environment will get you through. 

Here are some ideas to get you started (many can be donated so no guilt trips, please):

knick-knacks/artwork that you don’t enjoy looking at

old cell phones

office supplies

unused kitchen gadgets 

broken appliances 

chipped dishes and glassware

articles of clothing (i.e. unmatched socks, stained t-shirts) 

In addition to the physical items you see everyday, consider virtual items that take up space on your computer and mobile devices:

outdated emails/contact addresses/files

phone apps that you never use

social media connections with toxic or negative people 

May 2016 bring you a harmonious home and fresh, new energy to accomplish what you want!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!  Wishing you Prosperity & Health!



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  1. What a fantastic article, Betty and all so true. I ran the same cycle as you for 2014-15 and I’m really looking forward to, and already having, a turbo-charged 2016. I love all the declutteing ideas too. Thanks for putting SO much great information in one piece!

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