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The upcoming Chinese New Year begins January 31, 2014.  This traditional 15-day celebration welcomes in the new energy for the coming year – and this year promises to be a very different energy from the last few.  

We are entering The Year of the Wood Horse.  The horse represents the Fire element and symbolizes strength, high energy, optimism and beauty.  When a galloping horse runs past, you either need to jump out of the way, so as not to get trampled, or climb on and join the race!  What makes this year doubly active is that we have the Wood element added into the mix (Wood feeds and supports Fire).  2014 promises to be active and fast paced and those that are not prepared to ride this energy may miss out of some wonderful opportunities.  Even though many are still dealing with challenges, overall, we should all enjoy a more positive year than the past couple, which have been rough for most of us.  

Here are 7 tips to help you and your home prepare to welcome in the uplifting energy of The Horse.   

1.  Clean and De-clutter.  If you’ve been reading my posts, or following feng shui at all, you know that this is the cardinal rule for creating positive ch’i flow!  This is especially important prior to celebrating the Chinese New Year, because it is believed you are sweeping out any ill-fortune from the prior year and allowing the auspicious new energy to come in.  Besides, nothing aggravates Winter cabin fever more than a dirty, cluttered house.  

If you can, get outside and clean up your front entrance.  Clean window interiors, vacuum and dust. Clear off clutter from all horizontal surfaces, especially the kitchen counters. Toss out old, outdated food in the frig and pantry and re-stock with fresh supplies.  Go through your closets and remove stained or worn out pieces, as well as clothing you no longer wear or that doesn’t fit. Put fresh towels and linens out. Wash and put away all laundry.  

2.  Replace air filters.  Give yourself and your home the ability to breathe in the freshest air you can.  HVAC filters should be changed at least every 6 months, so check them and make sure they are clean – your respiratory system will thank you.  

3.  Buy your home some flowers and fresh fruit.  Nothing lifts the energy of a room faster than a colorful bouquet of flowers, and what a wonderful way to show your home appreciation for keeping you safe, dry and warm.  Place them in the dining room, kitchen, or anywhere you will see them during the day.  Remember to remove blooms as soon as they lose their freshness.  The Chinese use oranges or tangerines to symbolize prosperity and good fortune.  I am particularly fond of clementines, or halos, and have them sitting on my kitchen counter in a favorite red bowl.  

4.  Energize your intentions at the new moon.  Be clear about what you truly desire for this year and write it out (using red ink to energize) on a piece of paper.  I always add “this or better for my highest good” at the end of my list, to allow for the best outcome.  You may get something better than what you asked for, so leave wiggle room for the Universe to respond.  During the new moon, the evening of January 30th, you can either burn the paper (safely, of course) and let the energy be released into the air, or plant the paper in the soil of a healthy plant near your front door or in the Wealth corner of your family room.  Each time you water the plant, visualize your intentions being nourished as well.  I will be planting my intentions this year.    

5.  Purchase a new black, red or gold wallet.   You carry your wealth in your wallet, so what better way to energize your finances for the new year than with a new wallet.  Black represents the Water element, and Water represents wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui, and also strengthens this year’s Wood element.  Red will Fire up your finances, and Gold is a universal symbol for wealth.  Keep clutter out of your wallet (ticket stubs, receipts, etc), keep credit cards to a minimum (to reduce the risk of too much debt), and have all paper currency facing the same way and in numerical order. Show you are a good steward of what you already have and the Universe will bless you with more.

6.  Invest in a new red or black handbag.  Ladies, our handbags tend to be our calling cards.  For the same reasons as listed above, you can carry a black bag if you want to show a more serious side to owning your finances, or invest in a red bag if you want to stand out, be seen and energize your finances. A red bag with a black wallet, or vice versa, has the Fire & Water elements working together, which creates a very powerful energy source…Steam!  

There is an old chinese saying that is important to remember – A purse on the floor is money out the door.  Keep your symbol of success and prosperity elevated, especially in restaurants and bathrooms (think about where your bag has been and where you place it at home).  Your handbag is also more secure if you use a pursehook to hang it off the edge of a table when you are seated.  Hang your purse off your chair only if the chair backs up against a solid wall. You don’t need to act paranoid, but be mindful in public places. 

7.  Wear more black, red and gold this year.  For the same reason as mentioned in number 5, the black and red combination creates a powerful, successful combination, especially when you want to energize yourself and be noticed in a business situation.  Adding gold accessories is the crowning touch – pun intended.  

If you don’t care for black, substitute navy.  If red is too strong for you, opt for orange or dark pink. You can even choose to wear red underwear, so that you will feel the energy of the color, even if others don’t see it. 

Have fun and be playful this year!  As with anything in life, we should always be honest and authentic with ourselves and others.  If being bold and out front feels uncomfortable to you, you can always step back, take a deep breath, and re-evaluate a situation.  Just make sure you aren’t missing a great opportunity this year because you played it safe!    

Gung Hay Fat Choy!   






  1. Love the 7 tips for this year of the Horse.
    Will be wearing my Red, Black & Gold
    Thanks Betty. Blessings to you! Thanks for sharing.

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