Happy New-Year 2014

As we finish up the last few days of 2013, what is the perfect time to prepare for the active energy of 2014!

January 2014 will be an extremely rare energy month – and in a Very Good way!  We will have two New Moons, and each one is on a New Year celebration – the first one occurs on January 1st, and the second one (which is called a Black Moon) is on the eve of the Chinese New Year, January 30th.   New moons mark the beginning of a new cycle of growth. This is the time when we can work with universal energies to strengthen our commitment to what we truly want to have happen in our lives. Having two coinciding with two New Year’s celebrations multiplies the opportunity to strengthen your intentions for 2014!

So, what can you do to make the best of this special opportunity?  Here is a list of 5 things you can start, right now, to prepare for January 1st.  My next post will offer special activities to ring in the black moon celebration, the Chinese New Year, on January 31st.

1.  De-Clutter.  Toss, gift, recycle or donate anything that is not in line with the vision for you moving forward.  To begin clutter reduction, a good rule of thumb is to remove two items for every one item received as a gift during the holidays. The exchange doesn’t have to be like for like, but it is a good idea to keep it in the same room of use.  For example, if you received a juicer for Christmas, you may consider donating the deep fryer (especially if your vision is to eat healthier in the new year).  If you are now into exercising with the Wii, why not donate the treadmill that is gathering dust in the spare room, or ask a friend, who is planning on taking up jogging, if they would like it?  If you are committed to selling something, make sure you post the advertisement within two weeks, or you will not do it!

Re-gifting: please take a deep breath and be open.  When you give a gift to someone, it should be an outright expression of appreciation and not have guilt or expectations attached.  The act of giving is what’s important here.  Let the attachment to the gift outcome go and allow the other person to decide what to do with it.  Do not be hurt and think re-gifting is an issue of non-appreciation.  It’s better to have the item recycled and go to someone who truly appreciates and loves it than to have it tossed in someone’s closet and end up as clutter. Has anyone given you something you would never use, but they expected to see you wearing it or displaying it in your home?  How did it make you feel each time you looked at it?  Don’t do that to someone else.    

2.  Write down your intentions and dreams for the new year.  The written word is a more concrete form and creates a visual reminder for you. The act of putting things in writing, rather than just thinking about them, lets the powers that be know you are serious and committed to what you want.  Spend some time and do some soul-searching before writing the traditional commitments of losing weight, finding a better job, or a perfect partner.  Be as specific as possible, but base it on how you will feel once you obtain that vision.  Use the words ‘this or better’ to leave wiggle room for the universe to decide how these intentions manifest.  

Word your intentions in a way that you believe they are achievable, and that you deserve them:

I deserve a job that inspires me to do my best and pays me well for my efforts.   I am feeling healthy & fit in 2014.  My health is improving everyday in every way.  By putting your wording in the present tense, it will help you feel as if forces are already conspiring to make it happen.

On the evening of January 1st, and January 30th, speak these written intentions out load and focus on the feeling you will have once they have come true.  Really feel it!   Then say Thank Youas if they have already come true.  Now, while the Universe is putting your requests into play, all you need to do is prepare yourself to receive.  

3.  Put inspired action behind your words.  If your goal is to be more healthy & fit, set-up your kitchen to support your new eating habits.  Clean out the refrigerator and pantry to remove high fat and processed foods and restock with healthier choices.  Create a beautiful setting, either in your kitchen or dining area, to enjoy meals, rather than in front of the TV or computer.  If you are focused on building your business or finding a better job, clean out your home office/desk to give yourself plenty of open space to invite new opportunities in.  Remove all items that refer to less than ideal clients or prior work problems such as files, business cards and correspondence.  

4.  Everywhere you look, see positive support.  The first thing your eyes see when walking into any space will set the tone for your energy.  What is the first thing you see when you walk into each room in your home?  How does it make you feel?  Every space should have a positive focal point that supports the vision of the life you are working towards.  Your home entrance should be well-lit and welcoming to bring in new life opportunities.  Your bedroom should reflect calm and relaxation to support a good night’s sleep.  Everything in these areas need to reflect that same energy.  

A positive focal point can include anything from a fresh bouquet of flowers or healthy green plant (except in the bedroom), a favorite photo or decor piece, or even a favorite color on the wall.  It is not so much what you place in the space as it’s the feeling it evokes from you.

5.  Show appreciation for the good you already have in your life.  The magic words, Thank You, never go out of style or are ever wasted.  When you appreciate what you already have, the more the Universe will bring to you.

Start a gratitude journal.  Either first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, write a list of what you are grateful for that day. It can be something as simple as being grateful for having clean drinking water, to receiving good news about your dad’s test results. Everything counts, and being sincerely thankful is the key.  I enjoy writing in my journal right before lights out at night .   I began my journal only 21 days ago, and  I have found that it sets me up for more peaceful sleep. I plan to continue this new habit through 2014.  At the end of each month, I will review each list for that month.  What a wonderful way to start the next month!  

Happy New Year!